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Inside the Bag

Download the Ultimate Travel Checklist

Hello Friends! Travel season is here! We hope many of you are able to finally get out to travel again and enjoy all that this beautiful world has to offer.  Team...

Handbag Love 101

JANUARY 17, 2022 How to give your handbag that long overdue TLC Receipts, gum wrappers, more pens than you could ever use, and a lipstick you haven’t worn in a...

How I stay organized + plan my days

I love to stay organized across every aspect of my life. Having organizational systems and methods helps me get so much more done, and easily. Sure, some days I get...

Patti Talks Bags

Marcher founder Patti Harrison shares insight into what made Marcher possible and how your pre-order will do so much more than give you the bag you've been dreaming of all your...



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