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About Us


Your bag should work as hard as you do

We believe your bag should work for you, which to us means it should have thoughtful features to make your life easier. Your bag should allow you to see all that you carry, help keep you organized, be durable and last a long, long time (just to mention a few!).


About the Founder

Hi there! I'm Patti, and I am the founder of Marcher.

For years, I struggled to find a bag that was beautiful and functional. Before Marcher, I had a career creating performance apparel (working for brands like Nike and adidas), and never understood why I couldn't find a bag that had functional performance details - why can't a girl get a pocket?!

Since I could never find the perfect bag, in 2016 I left my corporate career and decided to design + make the bag I could never find: one that's as functional as it is chic. 

Our Journey

Learning Bag Design + Development

When I first set out to work on product, I wanted to know everything about bag making. I had spent most of my career making apparel, and bags were totally foreign to me. I quickly learned they were VERY different products to design and manufacture. 

Made in the U.S.

I am so passionate about domestic manufacturing. Not only is manufacturing goods in the U.S. better for our planet (eliminating carbon emissions with excessive transit), but it creates local jobs and promotes local economic development.

But finding great handbag manufacturing options in the U.S.? It's pretty challenging, as there aren't a lot of options that meet my ethical manufacturing expectations.

Fast Company's Best Work/Life Bag of 2019

In 2019 we were awarded an amazing honor - being named one of the Best Work/Life Bags of 2019 by Fast Company Magazine.

What's Next

Since I started this brand, I've wanted to have in-house manufacturing. Throughout this journey, I discovered that this is no small feat. But for the past 2 years, I've been slowly building up an in-house production studio. Today, I make all of our smaller leather goods in house (the Kristen Bag, Micro Pia and Petite Pia, as well our Straps) and am working toward adding new machinery to make the larger Juliette Tote and Isabella Tote Bags.


mar·cher (fr) verb/mar-shay:
to walk, to work, to function

We're inspired by marcher, a French word with multiple meanings. It's the perfect expression of what we strive for: creating product with form and function in perfect harmony, to empower today's life on the go. 

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