About Us

mar•cher (fr) verb /mar-shay/

to walk, to work, to function

We’re inspired by marcher, a French word with multiple meanings. It is the perfect expression of what we strive for: creating product with form and function in perfect harmony for today’s life on the go.

More Than a

Bag Business

We strive for complete fashion transparency, because everyone should understand how our processes impact people, the environment and our world as a whole.

Through a 100% Direct-to-Consumer model, we can provide premium products to our customers while creating a living wage for talented craftspeople.

We support causes that empower people and drive community development, as we believe in the unlimited potential of every person. We partner with organizations that are creating real social change by emphasizing empowerment, support, and education.

Committed to Sustainability

Your Marcher bag should stand the test of time. Our bags are handmade with care, and we thoughtfully consider our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain. Just a few specific examples of our efforts:

LOW-VOC ADHESIVES + COATINGS: We use water-based, no-to-low VOC glues and edge coatings throughout manufacturing.

MAXIMIZING OUR MATERIALS: We make every effort to use all of our materials and reduce what ends up on the cutting room floor. And we hold on to the little material waste we do have, just in case we can use those materials for a smaller product down the line.

MINIMIZING PLASTIC: Whenever possible, we do our best not to use plastic. Our packaging materials are 100% recyclable. The little plastic that we do use is recycled with a reputable recycling company.

We are always working toward improving our sustainability efforts, and know that our small steps make a positive impact.

No Need to Compromise

You need a bag that fits your big life. Our goal is to simplify your struggles. We design bags that banish the black hole, protect your belongings and reflect your style. Marcher carries you from coffee to cocktails, and everything in between.

Our Founder

Patti Harrison founded Marcher in 2016 after struggling for years to find the perfect bag. Her 15 year career creating performance athletic apparel for Nike, Adidas, and smaller emerging brands set her up for entrepreneurial success. This experience, coupled with a deep passion—some might say obsession—for bags, fueled her to create a brand that harmonizes form with function. She finds powerful inspiration in the people who have helped create Marcher, and feels especially grateful to the women who have influenced our bags through their thoughtful and insightful feedback.