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Best Work Life Bag of 2019: Fast Company Magazine

A stylish woman carrying a black functional leather laptop handbag by Marcher Studio


Newly launched New York-based startup Marcher is the brainchild of Patti Harrison, a former activewear designer for Nike and Adidas. Harrison spent more than a decade searching for a single bag that would allow her to get through her entire workday, with space for everything from a second pair of shoes to a Metrocard to a laptop. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she designed one herself.

She’s just launched the $495 Juliette bag, a satchel that is made in the United States using pebbled leather from European tanneries. The bag allows you to hold a wide range of items, all in their own spot, while keeping its structured shape. When you unzip the bag, it looks like a box, allowing you to have a clear view of everything inside. There are nine interior pockets, including one for a card (useful for your subway card or credit card), plus spots for your phone. You can carry the bag as a satchel, or as a crossbody, using a strap.

Given the structured shape of this bag, it’s an ideal work bag for women who need to be formal and polished at the office. It keeps all your items organized and visible, cutting down the time it takes to find items. But it is also large enough so that you can tote around items for your post-work life, like sneakers for the gym or snacks for your kid to eat at the playground.






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