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You Are at the Center of Our Brand

I love bags. But that’s not why I started this brand.

A lot of people ask me why I’m so passionate about bags and why I wanted to start a handbag company. I have always LOVED bags, as they serve such an important daily purpose, expressed through style. I’ve been a bag collector and aficionado for years – in my opinion, no one can have too many bags!

As much as I loved amassing different handbags as part of my wardrobe, I was still frustrated with the lack of utility and function in most bags. I was always on the lookout for the perfect work bag. I knew other women felt the same way too.  And so, I set out on a journey to solve the problem.

But creating beautiful, functional product is only part of my goal. For years I had dreamed of creating a company and brand that would be different. A company that put people first. A company where everyone would be inspired to come to work every day. And frankly, after working for years in the crazy fashion industry, I wanted to create a fashion company that was thoughtful and intentional. A purposeful brand with multifaceted integrity.

We’ve definitely been able to tackle some of the big “musts” in terms of what sets our company apart. We’re dedicated to a 100% Direct-to-Consumer model, and we have been able to manufacture all of our bags here in the U.S. We’re committed to Fashion Transparency and focused on sustainable efforts.

But honestly, there is still more to do. One thing that has been on my mind is how we can better showcase the Marcher community. The women we serve are at the heart of our brand. Conversations and insights from all of you clarified our product offering. Your wants and need influence all that we do. You inspire us everyday! We want to bring more of the women we serve to the forefront of our brand. 

So that’s what you’ll start to see more from us. Featuring the real women who are our customers and sharing their stories. Because you are all amazing. And we wouldn’t exist without you. Stay tuned!


With gratitude,

Patti + Team Marcher

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