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January 2024 Practical Distraction

Hope your 2024 is off to a great start! And how is it possible that tomorrow we're already moving into February?!

This month has been busy yet a bit rejuvenating for me. As a one-woman show, the holiday season is intense and it definitely takes me a few weeks to get back into the groove come January.

As I was thinking about what I wanted to pull together for this month's Practical Distraction, I kept thinking about "reset". Many of us use the new year to reset and I thought about all the things that have inspired me when I need to reset and refresh. So I have curated a few things around the theme of reset ... hope you enjoy!



New Year, New Organizational Opportunities!

Okay, so many of us get the spring cleaning itch when the weather is just starting to perk up after a long winter. But for me, something about the new year turns me into an organizing fiend! Okay in all honesty, I am constantly organizing and making my spaces more functional all year long, as it's in my type-A nature to do so.

But organizing is not a simple task and it's so easy to get overwhelmed or know where to start. I loved this blog post from The Container Store with their top 12 organizational tips. They are very simple, straightforward, and easy to execute.

Check out their recommendations:

The Container Store's Top 12 Organizational Tips

What to Cook in January

So January is nearly to a close, but all of these delicious recipes will still be amazing in February!

After a long holiday season of eating rich foods, many of us are wanting to lighten up our meals and bring in more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cookie + Kate's recipes always shine and I love this lineup of healthy and creative vegetarian dishes. These recipes feature in-season vegetables and are anything but boring.

See the recipes here:

What to Cook this January


My Favorite Clean Beauty Brands: Skincare Edition

I am a self-professed beauty and skincare junkie and I use A LOT of products! Several years ago I did a total overhaul of my beauty routine and went "clean" with everything. It was quite the undertaking, as I had to try a lot of products to find clean + natural alternatives to what I was already using.

I am thrilled with the products I've curated into my everyday regimen and thought it was about time to share the lineup. Starting with skincare, I'm sharing my favorite brands and products that don't disappoint! I can't recommend these brands enough!

Check out my favorite clean skincare products:

Patti's Favorite Clean Skincare Products + Brands

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