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Productivity Tools

Hello mes amis! Many of you are working from home for the first time and working to get into a good routine. I've been working from home for over 4 years now and have a mild obsession with creating tools to make my days productive and fun. 


Over the years I have drafted many versions of a daily planning tool to 1. keep track of all that I'm working on and 2. plan and maximize my workday. For the past year I've been using this version and it's been very effective for me, so I wanted to share it with you!


This productivity tool has "sections" where you can plan your big priorities for the day, to-do list, personal tasks, errands, etc. Here are few tips on some of the sections and how I use this tool:


- Print out 5 sheets for all days of the week: print on Friday or Sunday night so you are ready to plan your week and your days Monday morning (bonus if you plan out your week over the weekend!)


- The Daily 5: pick a MAXIMUM of 5 things you can truly accomplish today. 3 accomplishments is more ideal, but some days we need to go the extra mile so I give myself up to 5. 


- Get-To-Do's: this is my way of thinking through my To-Do List - taking a positive mindset of all the things I "Get" to do in a day vs. "Must".


- Schedule: I do like my days to be somewhat fluid to help fuel creativity, but I also know I benefit from a schedule. I use this section to plan my day in half-hour to hour increments. 


- Wish List: I often have a lot I want to tackle in a day (many times too many things) so this section is for things I'd love to get to, but they can't make my "Get-To-Do" list. It's a good place to put down all the things on my mind that I hope to do. 


- Brainstorm: This is a critical place to write down anything you're thinking that's fun or a good idea - don't overlook jotting down something in this section everyday!


- Workout + Meal Planning: I like to have a plan for how I'm going to workout each day, whether it's a run, studio class, or just walking the dog. If I write it down, I know it will happen! Plus, I like having a place to write down some meal planning + ideas to ensure I'm not scrambling to feed myself or my family at the last minute.


We've included the files in both PDF and Excel format. The Excel format is editable so you can customize it and tweak it to meet your needs. I really hope this benefits you and can be a useful tool to streamline your days.






Download the Daily Plan Tool Here!



Editable Excel Version



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