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Create Your 2022: envision your year with a inspiring and practical goal setting worksheet

Hello Friends!

Happy New Year! The new year is in full swing and hoping that 

Here at Team Marcher, we always use first part of every year to plan out our big visions + goals. We also take a lot of time to reflect on the previous year and celebrate all that transpired. We’ve created a 2-part process to help us remember all the wins and dream about the future. It’s a rewarding effort that will fill you up and get you re-energized for the new year! So, take an hour for yourself and use this tool to reflect and create your 2022.
One of the techniques we love is using “themes” to map out all of our successes. The themes below are a great way to think through the many aspects of your multi-faceted life. Plan to take about half an hour to write down all of your 2021 wins in these areas. Don’t feel you have to fill every box…use the below as a guide, and feel free to change the “theme” if you have a different one that better fits your life.
* Pro tip: review your 2021 calendar as a prompt to remember all that you accomplished! *
Yay! Look at all the wonderful things that have transpired this past year. It’s incredible to look back and see all of the wonderful successes and wins you had!  Now that you’ve had a chance to reflect on all the good that has happened over the past year, let’s awaken those dreams for the new year.
This next part is a bit more broad and broken down into five overall themes. We love to keep it simple with envisioning 3 goals per theme…but use this only as a guide and if you don’t have 3, that’s okay! Have fun with it, don’t be afraid to think BIG and see what spills out from you.

Summer is finally HERE! We hope many of you are able to finally get out to travel again and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

Team Marcher is always looking for solutions to “stay organized” in all aspects of life. This can be especially mind numbing when it comes to travel and packing for your trip. 

Over the years, we've tried and tested hundreds of versions of packing lists (A slight exaggeration? Perhaps!), but none of them ever met our all of our needs. So, in classic Marcher fashion … we made our own. 

And, we’re sharing it with you. It's pretty all-encompassing (sections for beach or snow trips!), yet streamlined enough that it's not too overwhelming. 

Download Your Perfect Packing List below. 

Here are a few highlights:

- Sections organized by clothing type: including a way to track how many pieces to pack.

- Personal care sections: broken down by product type to make sure you don't leave your sunscreen behind. 

- Plan for length of trip + weather: so you’re covered for every day of your trip, and the weather at your destination. 

I hope this is a fantastic tool to help you plan your next vacation!




Download the Packing List Here!


Your Perfect Packing List



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