Meet Kristen

Our new convertible crossbody bag is inspired by an amazing woman. Learn more about Kristen and the bag created with her in mind.

Get to Know Kristen Herself

Beauty Editor Turned Marketing Expert. A Working Mom. A California Native. A Woman on the Go.

Kristen has been a part of the Marcher journey since the beginning. Her insights have helped shape our brand and our product offering. She's a crossbody bag fanatic, and we had her in mind when thinking through every last detail of this bag. Read more about Kristen and her story below.

Q&A with Kristen

We sat down with Kristen to chat more about her career path, lessons she's learned along the way, and a few of her favorite things!

MS: Throughout your career, what was your favorite job?

KG: Working as a the Beauty Director at Seventeen magazine was a mind-blowing experience and nothing will ever replace it. It was my dream job and I landed it!

MS: What do you think the future holds for you?

KG: I am working toward what will be the next best thing for me this time in my life. I know there is still something out there for me that will fill me up like Seventeen did.

MS: How do you think you will figure that out?

KG: I think by trying new things and continuing to learn, that thing will hopefully present itself. I am also working on trying to get clear and intentional with what I want.

MS: What's the best advice you've ever received?

KG: Don’t get so focused on compensating for the "outcome" and plan every detail to accommodate that outcome. Be clear but enjoy the journey!

MS: Best advice you'd share?

KG: Don't hold yourself back! As a working mom, it's easy to diminish your value. But if you want that manager job or that promotion, go for it! It doesn't mean that you won't still be an amazing mother.

MS: Favorite place you've ever traveled to?

KG: Even though I lived there, I'd have to say New York City! It’s my favorite city on the planet. I love Italy, Spain, and Alaska (totally underrated!). But if given a chance to go anywhere, I'd say get me on a plane to NYC!

MS: Favorite item in your closet?

KG: My Hollywould animal print pumps - they're my power shoes!

MS: Favorite indulgence?

KG: Will always be beauty products! I'll take any skin cream or hair conditioner I can get my hands on. Plus, I can always nerd out about a good sunscreen.

MS: Favorite Pick-Me-Up?

KG: Matcha latte with almond milk!

Versatile & Convertible

Carry as a Clutch, a Shoulder Bag, or a Crossbody Bag

The Kristen bag takes you from day to night, and through the weekend too.

A hardworking silhouette that you can toss into a larger bag to keep your essentials organized. Or clip on one of our strap options to carry it as a smaller bag on the go.

Choose Your Strap

Three Options Based on How You Like to Wear Your Bag

Choose from our luxe chain strap, our adjustable tech luxe chain combo strap, or an adjustable leather strap.

Stay Organized with Ample Pockets

We Like Pockets and Know You Do Too

Four interior pockets and three exterior pockets offer plenty of places to store all that you carry.

Plush Ultrasude® lining protects your essentials.